Custom Twitch emotes, sub badges and cheermotes are an essential part of your Twitch channel and your brand. Often you’ll commission artists to create these original graphics. Here on StreamerCraft, we enable you to credit these talented artists!

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Create your StreamerCraft account and connect your Twitch account. This will automatically retrieve your Twitch emotes, sub badges and cheermotes.
  1. Go to your My Credits page to see all of your Twitch graphics.
  2. Under each graphic, select the artist from the dropdown.
Artists dropdown on the My Credits page
Note: Can’t find the artist? They may not have a StreamerCraft account. Invite them to make an account and credit them!
  1. And you’re done! Now the credited art will automatically show up on the artist’s profile page, under their portfolio.
seotini’s profile page

It’s that simple to credit artists for your custom twitch emotes, sub badges, and cheermotes.