Our New Twitch Panel Extension.
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We’re proud to announce our new StreamerCraft Twitch Emotes Extension, a new way to credit your favorite artists. Here at StreamerCraft, we aim to bring artists and streamers together to create amazing Twitch emotes and other channel art. Streamers get cool custom-made artwork. Artists get commissioned and credited for their work. This is what our Twitch art marketplace is all about.

With our new Twitch extension, we wanted to take this relationship a step further.

What is the StreamerCraft Twitch Emotes Extension?

Our extension for Twitch streamer emotes is a highly customizable Twitch Panel Extension that you can use to showcase your available emotes. In addition, you can credit the artists that made each emote or set of emotes and showcase them to your audience. Depending on where you are on your streaming journey, you may have racked up more than a few extra emote slots. Making individual panels to credit each and every artist you’ve commissioned can look clunky down the line.

The StreamerCraft Twitch Emotes extension takes away the need for that. We’ve designed the extension so that it displays your artists and the work they’ve done for you in a neat and simple way. All you need to do is set up the extension, add your art and credited artists, and you’re off to the races.

What are the Features of our Twitch Emotes Extension?

The StreamerCraft Twitch extension is an easy to use tool that takes away the hassle from crediting your artists:

  • Display your Emotes, Sub Badges, and Cheermotes right in your panel area.
  • Showcase to your viewers what they get for subbing to your Twitch channel.
  • Give your commissioned artists credit for their work by displaying their name beside their art.
  • Customize the extension panel to fit your brand and colors.
  • Set up color schemes for both light and dark themes to fit your viewers’ preferred theme.
  • Use the Twitch Emotes Extension for free forever.

Twitch Emotes Extension Light and Dark Themes
Customize Both Light and Dark Themes

How are Artists Credited on the StreamerCraft Extension?

After adding your emotes and other art to the Twitch Emotes Extension, you’ll be able to select the artists that made them. Since the Extension pulls profile information from your StreamerCraft account, their names are easily added to individual artworks. On top of that, your viewers can select the artists they like from your extension to view their StreamerCraft profile and commission them for their own channel art.

Credit Your Artists on StreamerCraft
Crediting Your Artists on Your My Credits Page

How Can my Viewers Benefit from the StreamerCraft Twitch Emotes Extension?

The StreamerCraft Twitch Emotes Extension is the perfect way to show your viewers what they get when they subscribe to your channel. While Twitch already provides ways to showcase sub badges and emotes, they don’t provide the full picture. Artists these days are a big part of the Twitch streaming community. By having an extension that showcases both your emotes and the artists that made them, you’re effectively giving back to the community. Viewers will appreciate your transparency and the due credit you give. As an added bonus, your stream viewers can also select right from your panel the artists they like and commission them for art of their own.

Is the StreamerCraft Extension Easy to Use?

Twitch Emotes Extension Configuration Page
Extension Configuration Page

It’s super easy! You simply need to follow the steps below and your Twitch Emotes Extension will be set in record time:

  1. Create a StreamerCraft account by visiting our website.
  2. Connect your account with Twitch on your profile page.
  3. Install and activate the Twitch extension on Twitch.
  4. Add your emotes, sub badges, and cheermotes via your channel settings if you haven’t already.
  5. Change your color settings within the configuration settings page.
  6. Credit your artists on StreamerCraft by visiting this link.

And that’s it! You’re all set up.