Customize your channel with unique overlay designs!

Service includes:

  1. Unique overlay design. 
  • Overlay variants are $5/each. See “Add-on” services.
  • Individual designs, like one Animal Crossing overlay and one Red Skull overlay, would cost $15/each.

Source File: Included

Duration: 3-5 Business Days


1. IG:

2. Behance:


1. ColdCoalTV (Artist/Designer/Me)

  •  I reserve the intellectual rights to any and all work that I create.
  •  I reserve the right to use my creations for promotional use and the building of my portfolio.

2. Buyer:

  • You may use the graphics I, ColdCoalTV, design for you for it’s intended use of content creation. For overlays specifically it would be used for streaming and video recordings.
  • You may NOT sell any designs that I make in any form or fashion without my prior consent.
  • If you wish to discuss terms for the selling of merchandise then please contact me here.

*Any other rights that I have not covered should be in my profile description*