Let your viewer know who you are, when you stream, and where else they can find you with custom made panels!

Service includes:

  1. Unique Panel design.
  • Panel variants are $5/each. See “Add-on” services.
  • Individual designs, like 2 panels with 2 different themes cost $15/each.

Source File: Included

Duration: 3-5 Business Days


1. IG: https://www.instagram.com/coldcoaltv

2. Behance: https://www.behance.net/gallery/81901907/Dupre-Portfolio-2017-19


1. ColdCoalTV (Artist/Designer/Me)

  •  I reserve the intellectual rights to any and all work that I create.
  •  I reserve the right to use my creations for promotional use and the building of my portfolio.

2. Buyer:

  • You may use the graphics I, ColdCoalTV, design for you for it’s intended use of content creation. For panels specifically they would be used for informing viewers about your Twitch, Mixer, or any viable streaming platform.
  • You may NOT sell any designs that I make in any form or fashion without my prior consent.
  • If you wish to discuss terms for the selling of merchandise then please contact me here.

*Any other rights that I have not covered should be in my profile description*