Commisions OPEN.
► Payment must be in advance.
► Unlimited revisions during the sketch stage, and small details as color and shades once it’s finished.
· Changing completely of idea after finishing the sketch will have a charge of 50% extra of the full price.
► Includes 3 sizes (18px, 36px and 72px). Channel points icons are emote sized (28px, 56px and 112px).
► Personal use only, if you’re interested in doing merchandising with it, you must pay 100% of your order to gain the royalties/rights.
► DO NOT edit, or make someone edit them for you. This is my work.

► 6 EUR – 1 BADGE
→ Every original design will keep going for 6€ each.
· 1€ for recolor/color alteration to the original one
· 3€ adding details to the original one

► It usually takes 3 days for each one. It all depends on complexity, number of changes you want me to do and if I’m doing them one by one or all at the same time.

If you’re interested or have any doubts, please contact me or complete the commission form.