Emotes created by Seotini. All emotes will be drawn on 720×720 px size canvas. I have drawn emotes for streamers such as, Fuslie, Exla, SenseiYoon, WhalesMustache, SaraKimbap, and TastySoobak.

  • Send any and all references to help with a smoother commission process.
  • I will send updated sketches once your idea is given to me. Use that chance to tell me what I should change!
    • It’s way easier to change things during the sketch phase than in the lineart/color phase.
  •  With fast and efficient communication, I can get to your commission faster than 4 days! Please provide me with your best mode of contact
  • If you want, for example, 2 emotes, Add-On “+1 Emote” which will equal to 2 emotes when ordering.