The emotes above are made by me!

I’m open to draw animal emotes, especially bunnies!

You will be given:

A 500px Emote Size or Twitch Size Dimensions: 112px, 56px & 28px

Things to take note:

  •  I will start the commission AFTER receiving the complete payment.
  •  Let me know if the commission is urgent!
  •  Please do give me photo references, colour schemes or desired poses if any ^^
  •  Turnaround for panels usually take from 3-6 days.
  •  Let me know with your commission is urgent!
  •  I may refuse any commission that I’m not comfortable working on.
  •  You can request for a livestream via twitch to keep track of the commissions I draw.
  •  You CANNOT sell, distribute, reproduce or claim to be the owner of the artwork in any way.

DM me on Twitter for any inquiries regarding the commission. Usually will reply within less than 12 hours